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Good Words To Use In Essay Writing

glimpsed. - “Saw” is another word that carries almost no meaning because of overuse in creative writing. Instead, use “glimpsed.”. Example: She. glimpsed. the house through the trees. benevolent. - A lot of things can be described as.

  • Writing a good essay always requires a comprehensive combination of ideas in a planned way to create meaning. One of the essential elements to be put into consideration is having a plan for the essay. This entails the identification of a precise topic and an essay free of grammatical errors (“Chapter 2: Essay structure,” n.d.).

  • Any paper requires justification of why your topic is relevant. Here are analytical words and phrases for this purpose. X has been studied in the recent several decades because. One of the most significant current discussions is. In the past years, X has attracted much attention as. Much attention has been drawn to.

  • Nonetheless, it was for a worthy cause. 3. Thus Short, but elegant. This means “as a result of,” or “due to this.” Thus is a great word that can be used to begin your concluding sentence. Example: I crossed the finish line first, thus.

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